In July 2000, China's first department store of discount goods----Shopin Wangfujing Store was opened in grand ceremony, beginning a new era in commodity retail industry of China.

At the flagship brand of China’s city-based department store chain selling discount goods, Shopin has established eight physical stores and one e-business website-Shopin.net, selling 100,000 goods of 600 domestic and foreign well-known brands and covering major categories in general merchandise industry. Shopin will orient towards Chinese consumers on a wider basis with convenient shopping methods, rapid distribution service to offer the high- quality, high cost –effective fashion products to fashionistas.

The original business model failed to let Shopin avoid the sore points of traditional retail industry. Shopin had been beset by problems like long wait for shoppers, order losses caused by poor customer experience, busyness at the cashier, high manual cost, and failure to sum up purchase- sale-storage statistics.

In 2016, WPOS was introduced to Shopin, which solved these traditional problems.

More convenient paymentWPOS supports all- channel payment methods including Alipay, Weipay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Baidu Wallet, bestpay etc. These convenient payment methods can reduce the wait time for shoppers, thus enabling easy shopping experience. The order losses caused by poor customer experience may be reduced by simplifying the purchase process, thus increasing business volume.

Human efficiency greatly improved WPOS is equipped with the functions of traditional cash registers. All brand departments of Shopin adopt WPOS, which not only lowers the manual cost of the enterprise by reducing the number of traditional check-out counters, cash registers and the posts of cashiers; but also improves the efficiency of the sales assistants by increasing their initiative. All-channel management is carried out through the smart device.

A mobile platform of purchase, sales and storage The WangStore gathers various third-party application softwares, which Shopin may install and use, thus realizing dynamic track of all-round information (style, inventory, sales) about commodities at the counters/from the suppliers to unblock online channels and off line data flow to achieve the real time transfer and share of online or off line commodity, inventory and logistics information, and to achieve high efficiency with low cost .

Landing of an all-channel retail platform The traditional centralized cashiering fails to retain the guest source with limited marketing methods and means, while the efficient and accurate connection of brand suppliers, shop assistants with customers to physical stores can be achieved by giving full play to membership marketing and coupon marketing functions of WPOS, thus strengthening viscosity of users.

Guoduomei Fruit Shop

We plan to do one thing in twenty years’ time - to remove the scruples of the fruit shoppers in China. Founded in 2009, Guoduomei mainly sells fruits and dried fruits. Its business is taking off thanks to the high quality of the fruits. Today, Guodoumei has opened nearly fifty stores across china, making it a large- scale fruit chain store.

The business is booming. As a result, the original sales system fell short of the high development pace. Guoduomei used to adopt the sale model of the value card. The customers need recharge the cards before receiving discounts upon purchases , which greatly reduced the cashier efficiency. In February 2016, Guoduomei started cooperation with WPOS, which not only alleviates the busyness at the cash register, but also brings about surprises to its marketing in the future.

Integrated cashiering without changing equipment Before using WPOS, the check-out counter of Guoduomei was covered with two dimensional codes and various cash register devices to deal with increasingly diversified payment methods of the customers. After introduction of WPOS, the integrated cashiering function of WPOS solved this problem in the perfect way as it supports multiple payment methods like Alipay, Weipay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Baidu Wallet without changing the equipment. As a result, the cost is reduced by a wide margin.

Comprehensive account checking, viewing the statistics easily Guoduomei has opened nearly fifty stores so far. Thanks to WPOS, the boss need not log into multiple platforms for account checking. One business platform of WPOS is enough to carry out accounting checking in multi channels like Alipay, Weipay, Unionpay. Through the comprehensive account checking function, the sum paid by the consumers, the coupons used, the discounts offered, the points accumulated and the value stored by the customers are recorded and counted in a detailed way to balance the account without making mistakes. Configuration of multiple payment methods may be realized in each of the chain stores so as to centralize the statistics and carry out unified management.

In the future, Guoduomei will give full play to the membership marketing function of WPOS, give out the electronic membership cards to further improve the user experience.