Wiseasy's Flagship Product – WPOS-3

The first full-touchscreen Internet POS and service platform passing the security
certification of China UnionPay Acceptance Terminal Security Regulation
Q/CUP007-2014 (UPS V2.0);

Comprehensive cooperation with China’s leading payment acquirers: scan codes to pay, Dianping, flash card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and other smartphone payment methods.

Money collection, coupon verification, and fans attraction are completed all at once. This is WPOS-3.

  • No need for training, and one touch open
  • Refuse to connect peripherals, and all-in-one machine
    NFC, Bluetooth acoustic sensing thermal printer, iBeacon
  • Long lasting battery 6000mA
    24 hours in business operation, battery-free
  • Full cash register capability, transaction-free Bank card payment, code scanning to pay and contactless payment
  • Close-looped marketing, one-touch membership system Support independent coupon/card marketing
  • Wang-UI
    Commercial UI interaction experience based on special operating system
  • WangStore
    The first retailer-oriented enterprise-level application market
  • Platform-based and having insights into trends and changes Unified management of devices in multiple stores and remote and real-time
  • Thoughtful customer services and housekeeping services
    7*12-hour 400 customer service hotline, WeChat customer service

173 software/hardware R&D products, 22 patented designs, creating the international quality; Stood out among 10,000 design works from 60 countries; Obtained the 2016 Germany Red Dot Design Award – the “OSCAR” award in the field of industrial design

Join Hands with the World’s Leading Partners, and Set Technical Standards for the Industry


More human-oriented design in card swiping slot; ergonomic design on the back; a palm-sized all-in-one machine; Similar to iPhone with Corning Gorilla screen; unique NFC curve design.

WPOS-3 – Structure diagram

UnionPay verification – WPOS-3 intelligent financial terminal, outstanding security qualification passing various new security certifications issued by China UnionPay, and innovative and upgraded domestic cipher algorithm

Product Specifications