Multi payment methods: Support integrated magnetic card, IC card, NFC, barcode, QR code and sound wave payment. Backstage management: support ordering system, membership management, coupon manufacture, loyalty points, group purchasing pick-up, reserve online, take-out orders, which can be received immediately through the apps and CRM systems. Smart Wang VN operation platform can easily get the dynamic conditions in long-distance and proceed through advanced operation.


Integrated Industrial Design

Stylish appearance with complete color touch screen, camera on the back, support taking photos and videos, speeding up scanning payment;
Provide currency detection function to reduce cash payment risks; protective containment ensures Mini easily clean, skid-proof and shock-proof. Bluetooth, WIFI, optional earphone.

High Security

financial technology security assurance and protective barriers

Strictly follow domestic and international high safety technical standards, including Safety Codes for Chinese Union pay cards Swiping Terminals, Application Norms for Chinese Union pay card Swiping Terminals, EMV, PCI, CCC and CTA.
Anti-demolition, anti-attack and anti-spy high protective hardware and structural physical safety design, as well as unique PIN input protection technology.

Product Specifications