Xiabu Xiabu

Originated in Taiwan and founded in Beijing in 1998, Xiabu Xiabu combines the original bar dining with traditional hotpot in a perfect way, initiating the new format of fashionable hotpot bar. Upholding the principles of hygiene and cleanliness, nutrition and convenience, serving mass consumers with considerate care” Xiabu Xiabu has successfully opened more than four hundred chain stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and in over 30 cities such as Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Henan(Up to Q1 in 2015). Xiabu Xiabu has been on the list of Top One Hundred Catering Enterprises in China starting 2009

As one of the popular hotpot restaurants, Xiabu Xiabu has witnessed booming business in each of its stores. However, the long queue, code verification for group buyers and settlement etc affected the experience of customers, who waited impatiently while the servers were kept hurry-scurry and made errors from time to time.

“With the initiation of WPOS, all these problems are solved. First, WPOS is easy to operate. The users can handle it skillfully after five minutes’training just as they do with an ordinary smart phone. In addition, the cashiering and code verification functions of WPOS save a lot of time for the servers. Meanwhile, the customers may enjoy more privileges through the membership system of Wang POSWPOS. Moreover, WPOS gets the cashier counter out of mess. Nothing is difficult with WPOS in hand. To make the customers satisfied is our eternal principle.” said the manager of a Xiabu Xiabu store.

Juewei Spicy Duck Neck

In digital era, enterprises need interconnected marketing management tools. The gourmet chain has developed from one store to more than 5,000 stores thanks to its unique management model.

In China, everyone knows about Juewei spicy duck necks which can be seen in downtown, around campuses, at the gates of communities. This store selling leisure stewed food has developed into a huge chain enterprise with over five thousand stores, accounting for nearly half of the leisure food industry. Obviously it has unique business management model. In 2015, Juewei introduced WPOS intelligent terminal device, thus starting the cooperation between Juewei and WPOS

The chain stores:

Functions of the retail system were successfully embedded through the seamless connection with self-owned APP of Juewei to support operations like commodity code scanning, receiving of productcommodity information & sales promotion information, uploading sales data, procurement, goods delivery, sale, inventory counting, return or exchange of goods etc.

Eliminating the effect of environment & allocation position, Wang POSWPOS device with Unicom 3G network can provide network environment to address the dependence of stall stores to network and to enable synchronization of the sales data flow from all outlets to the front desk.

With WPOS all- channel payment function, the offline stores may support(Wechat, Alipay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Baidu Wallet, bestpay)various ways of payment and cashiering. Meanwhile, the cooperation with the third-party platforms like verification for group buyers, take-out order acceptance has been established.

The headquarter:

The traditional store model fails to upgrade the revenue data in time. After realization of the standard ERP function of the enterprise’s retail system(procurement, sales, inventory, replenishment), the management of retail stores in different places is effectively strengthened to ensure that the data is updated, that the inventory management is accurate and that the operation cost is the lowest. The resources are allocated to the distribution organizations in an optimum way. The data is updated and effectively reflects market trends.


Consumers to Kwongeumseong recently might notice that there was a blue device of the size of a POS at the cashier. What is different is that the traditional POS is operated by pressing buttons, while this device has a touch screen like most cell phones.

“This device introduced to our store recently is used to verify coupons or cards. It's easy to operate”, said a shop assistant of Kwongeumseong. This POS device is just the internet POS launched by Weipass Panorama —— WPOS. Amid a new wave of “Internet+”, Kwongeumseong introduced Wang POSWPOS to 44 stores across China. Thanks to this little device, O2O successfully landed on the last mile.

As early as the emerging of group buying, Kwongeumseong had began to try the new internet marketing tool, and had smashed the order records again and again at some well-known group buying websites. After 5000 and 20,000 dishes were snapped up at the group buying websites, the following problem is to convert, verify and cancel the groupons in the stores.

The previous manual verification and cancelling werewas time consuming. Besides, it is a headache to guarantee accuracy as the salesmen copied them with hands before putting them into the computer. Probability of errors was high. However, Kwongeumseong came up with a solution to this problem after meeting WPOS.

19:00 in the evening is the peak hour of dining for Kwongeumseong in Wangjing. Most of the courses had been served on a table at which some guests were chatting while the meat was roasted. Manager Ma took WPOS to the table, scanned the coupons in the cell phone of the guest and consumer information was automatically put into the management backstage opened by Wang POSWPOS for Kwongeumseong. The entire process took about ten seconds.

“The users waited in a line before the front desk with stomach grumbling while the shop assistants were kept hurry-scurry, which was the previous scene of converting coupons”, said Li Yan, the founder of Weipass Panorama, “The use of internet POS completely changes the scene. The users needn't wait in a long queue. Instead they can sit down and dine first before the shop assistant comes to them with WPOS. A single act of scanning is enough to complete the process of coupon verification and cancelling.”

“As a traditional catering enterprise, Kwongeumseong is one of those which has realized long before the importance of direct contact with consumers via internet. The conclusion we draw from years of webifying is that we must embrace ‘Internet+’ because the habits of the consumers are constantly changing. The traditional catering enterprises must control the inflow by means of mobile internet”, said Zhenggang, CEO of Kwongeumseong, “The use of WPOS enables us to embrace mobile internet to connect customers, Internet finance and marketing portals, and ultimately realizes the O2O closed loop in catering industry.

Wangjing Kitty Kidney

As a gourmet, Kitty Kidney has been recommended in programs like Cool Food Wins the World by Zhejiang TV and Map of Delicacy by Beijing TV, thus known as the undisputed king of street food in Beijing!Fat but not greasy, “Kitty Kidney” has attracted numerous foodies with its fragrance. However, the foodies are dazzled that there are eight Kitty Kidney stores in Beijing. Which one of them is the real Kitty Kidney?Let WPOS uncover the truth and help you search for the real Kitty Kidney.

As WPOS was introduced to Wangjing Kitty Kidney in 2016, the store with WPOS device is the real one. This is the best identification mark.

Booming business of “Wangjing Kitty Kidney” brought fame to this new barbecue brand. Different from the ordinary roadside barbecue, “Wangjing Kitty Kidney” began to think how to improve the brand image and operation efficiency, which is the root reason for adopting Wang POSWPOS. The traditional management model for barbecue restaurants has cumbersome process and low efficiency in terms of cashiering, marketing, verification of groupons, take-out order acceptance and data analysis, while WPOS made revolutionary breakthroughs in the above aspects.

In this era of cashless payment, tables covered with two-dimensional codes and payment devices will probably lower the grade of the entire store. “Wangjing Kitty Kidney” avoids this problem through integrated cashier function of WPOS, which supports multiple ways of payment like cash, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Weipay, Alipay, Baidu Wallet, Flash payment etc. Cashiering, coupon verification and fans attraction areis completed at a time. The fans follow the Weichat public account after payment.

The convenient marketing form of giving out electronic coupons through Wang POSWPOS also attracts many guests to “Wangjing Kitty Kidney”, which saves the materials andare the mananual cost of giving out leaflets.

The coupon verification function of Wang POSWPOS is powerful enough to deal with the brisk business of Wangjing Kitty Kidney at peak hours to avoid wrong copied codes and neglect of coupon verification or cancellation.

70% of today's catering enterprises rely on selling takeout food as less consumers prefer to eat in the restaurant. However, it's easy to miss out or even to lose the orders if takeout orders are accepted with private cell phones. WPOS is fully connected to mainstream applications like meituan.com, dianping.com, baidu.com etc, and access the e-commerce platforms like at meituan.com, waimai.koubei.com, waimai.baidu.com at the business spot. The orders are voice broadcasted to avoid missing out.

With the expansion of Wangjing Kitty Kidney stores, more Wang POSWPOS will be introduced to them. Consumers may just follow Wang POSWPOS to seek the real Wangjing Kitty Kidney while experiencing added value!